Kildare Town Renewal Plans

Urban Design + Masterplanning
About This Project

The VHA Urban Design and Masterplanning team and its multi-disciplinary team were commissioned to prepare 4 no. Town Renewal Plans for settlements areas of Coill Dubh and Cooleragh, Allenwood, Robertstown, and Kilmeague, Co. Kildare.


The Plans present urban design proposals that aim to enhance the appeal, safety and sense of place for residents, visitors and business traders of the four study areas. A suite of public realm design proposals was prepared, creating safer public realm-oriented environments and traffic management interventions. The proposals also provide strategies that encourage low-carbon infrastructure, and the re-use of existing derelict/vacant buildings.

A hands-on engagement and consultation process was led and facilitated by VHA with local stakeholders, key interest groups and residents and elected members.


Client: Kildare County Council