Sligo Primary Care Centre

About This Project

Currently being undertaken, this project requires the construction of a comprehensive Primary Care Centre spanning 3,662 square meters. This facility will incorporate essential amenities such as a pharmacy and café area and a first-floor pedestrian link to Pearse Road. The project will also include provisions for ample car parking, comprehensive signage, landscaping, and all necessary associated site works and services.


In addressing the local community’s needs, particular attention has been given to ensuring easy accessibility for residents residing on Cleveragh Rd and those situated one and a half stories higher on Pearse Rd. A key challenge in the design process was reconciling the significant level change between these areas. This was expertly resolved by creating a vibrant and inviting combined reception atrium, seamlessly connecting the east and west entrances. Through this innovative approach, the Primary Care Centre aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, fostering holistic healthcare delivery while enhancing the community’s overall well-being.


Client: Jupiter Bell Ltd